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Beach Decor: Patrice KaluzaAn artist with broad ranging interests, I served as a music and drama educator for more than 25 years after earning my B.S. in Music Education with concentrations in Voice and Piano.  I am a professional musician and actress who has written, directed and performed in musical theater.  I have also written and produced original musical compositions, often motivated by the environment at our beach house, situated between the Sea and the Sound on the magnificent Outer Banks of North Carolina–a tranquil, stimulating environment for pursuing my varied artistic interests.  It is also an excellent source for some of the materials used in the artistic creations available for sale at this shop.

I recently toured with several stars of The Lawrence Welk Show, and I represent many professional performers through my entertainment agency, SeaSound Entertainment.  In 2015, I released my first vocal CD, “At Last” (available on  cdbaby and Amazon), in which I sing well-known American Standards (think Frank Sinatra) while backed by The Todd Sullivan Orchestra from New York City and 10-time Emmy award-winning arranger/composer, Lanny Meyers.

I always dreamed of combining my musical abilities as a vocalist and instrumentalist with my artistic talents as a painter, interior designer and decor specialist.  In many ways Sea Treasure by Patrice represents my finally achieving that dream.  After years of hard work teaching, performing and booking other performers, I now have a chance to pursue my true passion–capturing the spirit of the ocean and the beach through my art and crafts which I happily share with you through this shop.  As an example, the banner for this website is a picture I captured at sunrise from the deck of our beach house on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina in the quaint village of Corolla.

I welcome you to take a look around, and message me with any comments or questions by clicking the Contact Us button in the left margin.

The Sea Treasures displayed on this site are all original creations by the artist for which the artist retains all copyrights and other rights.  For customized variations to any of these pieces of art or to discuss an original item you have in mind, please contact me by clicking the Contact Us button in the left margin.

Fondly, Patrice
“When you buy from an independent artist, you are buying more than just a painting or a novel or a song. You are buying hundreds of hours of experimentation and thousands of failures. You are buying days, weeks, months, years of frustration and moments of pure joy. You are buying nights of worry about paying the rent, having enough money to eat, having enough money to feed the children, the birds, the dog. You aren’t just buying a thing, you are buying a piece of heart, part of a soul, a private moment in someone’s life. Most importantly, you are buying that artist more time to do something they are truly passionate about; something that makes all of the above worth the fear and the doubt; something that puts the life into the living.”
-Rebekah Joy Plett

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Patrice Sea Treasure by Patrice Handcrafted Coastal, Nautical and Beach Decor
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