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Beach Decor Containers

Home Accessories, Baskets, Jewelry Boxes, Trays

Beach Decor Containers help you to create a beach, nautical or ocean décor for your home or office.  Custom designed and hand made by one of our artists, each of the beach décor containers is a unique and beautiful artistic treasure that also serves a practical purpose.

Our artists carefully select each shell to complement the other elements of the container.  Then, they precisely position all of the shells to maximize the beauty of the Beach Decor Container before attaching each shell individually with great care.

To search our inventory for a specific item, enter the type of item for which you are searching in the TYPE OF PRODUCT box: Baskets Bowl, Jewelry Box, Tray.  (Click the Reset Arrow on the right to start.)

Patrice Sea Treasure by Patrice Handcrafted Coastal, Nautical and Beach Decor
Thank you for visiting. For customized variations to any of these beach décor items, to discuss an original item of beach décor you have in mind, or to share a comment, please enter your message below.
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